Stand Wire and point wire 12/12 SWG. VIZ. 2.5.-2.8/2.5.-2.8 m.m. diameter.

H.B. Fully not dipped galvanized wire with under 30 kg. F/MM to 50 kg. F/MM.

6 Qtl./8 Hr. shift exclusive maintenance haulage for 12/12 SWG wire keeping 140 to 220 Barbs/Min. with length to coil maximum 400 meters and weight per bundle 40/50 Kg. (Bundle size 16″ X 10″ Width)

3″ to 4″ pitch also adjustable with additional gears in winding unit whichever could be applied only under special demand.

Our major emphasis are upon its adjustability of pars and easy maintenance. Operator has an easy approach in setting all arms, cutters by making the machine parts fool-proof. It ensures easier dismantling, assembling, loading unloading as well as consequent view over flow of formed wire. All the adjustable parts are altogether accessible and machine standards. It requires 5hp slow speed, 3hp 50c/s squirrel cage induction motor with reversible Stater which is not supplied with the machine. The machine is designed in its heavy structure using closed grain cast iron and steel in EN-36. All the gears are processed by bevel generator and hobbling. The machine is 1200 kg. in weight (App.) exclusive of pay – off stands.

Technical Specifications

Range of Production 12 X 12, 12 X 14, 14 X 14 SWG
Longitdinal for Barbs 12/14 SWG
Pitch of the Barb Varible from 2″ to 6″
Floor Space 8″ X 5″
Power Required 5 X 1440 H.P.
Machine R.P.M. 200
Production Capacity 500 to 600 kg. Appx. (per shift)