Disc Plough used for deep plowing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and laborious soils. Singh Industries Disc Plough is used to handle the toughest ploughing jobs. For very hard soil and ground with giant with giant roots and different obstructions, one will acquire outstanding penetration performance. Singh Industries Disc Plough is available in 2,3,4 and 5 bottom. The beneath frame and unit-to-unit clearances are adequate to deal with trashy conditions. Disc angle will be varied in 3 stages to perform on varied forms of soils. Spring loaded floating rear furrow wheel management the facet draft to make sure straight work and simple handling by smaller tractor.

Features :

  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame..

  • Robust Structure.

  • Powder Coated Paint.

  • Cat II Linkage.

  • It is directly mounted to the tractors.

  • It can be used easily at rocky and rooted areas.

  • Suitable For 50 H.P. To 110 H.P.


Technical Specifications

Technical Data DP-200 DP-300 DP-400 DP-500
Frame (mm) Extra Heavy Duty Tabular Frame (OD 168 mm, ID 146 mm)
Axle Type Spindle
Angle Bracket 65 * 10 mm
No. of Disc 2 3 4 5
Mounted CAT CAT II
Type of Disc. Option of both Notched or plain disc
Disc Diameter (mm) (28″ option available*) 660 * 6 (710*6 optional)
Coulter Disc 570 mm
Cutting Width (mm) 500-550 mm 875-925 mm 1150-1200 mm 1575-1625 mm
Bearing Hubs 2 Nos. Taper Roller/Disc
Weight (in Kg’s) 295 Kg (approx) 395 Kg (approx) 495 Kg (approx) 610 Kg (approx)
Length 1800 mm 2400 mm 3000 mm 3600 mm
Width 820 mm 1040 mm 1260 mm 1480 mm
Height 1220 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm
Tractor HP 50-65 70-85 90-110 120-150